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Workshop: Yoga and the Breath

Welcome to learn more about functional breathing in the context of yoga, explore your breath and practice pranayama.
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Workshop: Yoga and the Breath

Time & Location

05. jun., 10:00 – 13:00
Trondheim, Mellomila 91A, 7018 Trondheim, Norge

About the Event

Welcome to learn more about functional breathing in a yoga setting (and get ready to crush some breathing myths along the way).


  • Regulate the nervous system more efficiently
  • Shift your state towards healing & recovery
  • Bring more ease into everyday breathing and release unconscious dysfunctional breathing habits
  • Move towards pranayama, meditation and the more subtle aspects of yoga

By combining the knowledge of science of breath and yogic texts, let’s dive into the secrets of breathing.

The workshop is based on the science of breath, yogic wisdom and modern psychology. We dive into the biochemistry, biomechanics and psychophysiology of the breath and explore it in the context of yoga practice.

This experiential & knowledge-driven workshop is suitable both for practitioners and yoga teachers.

Especially I invite everyone who is interested in the possibilities of breathing in healing trauma, chronic stress, chronic fatigue and other chronic illnesses.

  • Is there something called yogic breathing?
  • Why can breathing in a certain way during yoga class create more problems (stress) than benefits (relaxation)?
  • How does the breath relate to movement in yoga, and for which purposes?
  • What do the yogic texts say about the breath and what did it mean for yogis?
  • How can the modern human benefit from yoga’s pranayama practices (and what needs to be taken into consideration)?


  • Lecture with experiential practices
  • Yoga & pranayama practice
  • Breathing meditation


Sanni Parkkinen is an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and breathwork coach coming from Finland. She’s coaching people to live happier & healthier with emphasis on physiology first – meaning that nervous system health is the key to solve many of the issues we tend to call mental. Sanni has lived and worked in various yoga ashrams and centers in India, USA and Canada. For the past three years she has immersed herself in traditional non-dual Shaiva-Shakta tantra with teachers such as Miska Käppi (close student of Acarya Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha) and tantra scholar Christopher Hareesh Wallis. Her main breathwork teacher is Kasper van der Meulen.

  • WHERE: Yogaens Hus, Mellomila 91a, Trondheim
  • WHEN: Saturday 5.6. kl 10-13
  • COST: 500 kr
  • REGISTRATION: Through Mindgrit’s website: https://www.mindgrit.no/product/yoga-and-breath/

The registration is binding. You will secure your place in the course by making the payment.

The workshop will be taught in English.

Minimum number of participants is five (5), maximum ten (10).

Registreringen er lukket

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